RightsHash™ is a decentralized software engine to provide an easy means for representing and managing an individual’s or an asset’s rights and protections

Why is this important?

Managing rights of an individual or an asset is at the heart of many business problems and processes.

Discrete, accountable management of rights empowers modern, responsible individual-centered applications.

For example…

In a clinical trial, an individual’s consent is the most important step.
Without consent, there is no clinical trial!


Individual and Asset Centered


Individual owns and controls data
Monitors flow of information


Unique digital representation of any underlying asset
Independent tracking from any external organization

Multiple Sources

Discrete tracking

By data types
Across different data sources

Facilitate protection of rights

Across different applications
By individual or asset

Computational Trust


Cryptographic, Real-time Proof of Action


Decentralized processing and storage

Audit Trail

Automated, continuous, transparent auditing of transactions

Scalable, Economic and Sustainable

Built on underlying Hedera Hashgraph DLT

Easy to Adopt


Providing rich, relevant, interoperable, out of the box RESTful API based software


Allows for easy adoption, greater configuration flexibility and accelerated innovation

Adaptation Framework

Fully tailored platforms to support next generation, accountable rights management

Technological Characteristics

Open APIs




Non-Fungible Tokens

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